🪓Weapons & Consumables


The game features six types of weapons, each differing in attack speed, basic attack damage and their abilities. Players can craft weapons at the corresponding crafting station, the weapon forge.

Weapons vary in effectiveness by level, tier and rarity. Weapon effectiveness is reduced if the opponent is of a higher level or tier than the weapon being used.

Weapon types:

  • Club

  • Sword and shield

  • Claws

  • Greathammer

  • Greatsword

  • Dual axes


Players can wear armor to increase their defense capabilities as well as reduce incoming damage. Similar to weapons, armor effectiveness varies based on levels, tiers and rarities.



Players can utilize throwable consumables, in the form of grenades or jars, to damage enemies and put them under additional effects.

  • Fire – explodes on contact dealing instant damage in an area.

  • Ice – explodes on contact freezing targets in an area.

  • Web – covers the ground in a sticky web that slows down enemies and deals periodic damage.

  • Poison – covers the ground in a poisonous puddle that deals periodic damage to enemies.

Healing Consumables

Players can use various types of healing consumables, in the form of food or potions, to restore their health and mana. The higher the level and tier of the consumable, the stronger are its restorative properties.

Additionally consuming food will temporarily increase maximum health providing players with greater survivability.

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