Artifacts are a type of building object that are used as extensions to a workbench, of which there are different types namely: weapon, armor, and tool workbenches. Each of these workbenches requires its own Artifact.

Once the Artifact is installed and connected to the workbench, additional functionality is unlocked, allowing players to:

  • Craft collectible items

  • Increase the rarity of collectible items

  • Upgrade the "Luck" parameter of collectible items

  • Charge the collectible items

  • Recycle shards

Artifacts exist with various rarities (currently 7). The rarity of the Artifact determines the maximum possible rarity which a collectible item can be upgraded to. The rarity of an Artifact cannot be changed. An Artifact is the player's property and can be withdrawn from the game and sold on Open Loot and other marketplaces.

Obtaining an Artifact

The player can obtain an Artifact of a specific rarity in several ways:

  • By purchasing it during a Sale on Open Loot marketplace.

  • Obtaining it from an artifact lootbox.

  • By buying it from other players on a marketplace.

Artifact Placement

Artifacts can be placed on an island that has a free Artifact slot. Installing an Artifact does not require any additional resources from the player. An Artifact must be placed close to the workbench that it will influence in order for it to create a link between the two.

Islands have a certain number of Artifact slots. The number of Artifacts cannot exceed the number of Artifact slots on that island.

Artifact Rarity:

The rarity of an artifact determines the maximum rarity of an item that can be crafted or charged from its associated crafting station.โ€จAdditionally, the islandโ€™s rarity determines the maximum rarity of an artifact that can be placed there.โ€จA single artifact takes up one single artifact slot.

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