⚔️Combat & Stealth

As players begin to explore the world of Murrlandia, they will naturally encounter various different enemies; they will occupy the space, wandering around, guarding valuable treasures or resources as well as existing normally in their camps or dungeons. Players can choose to engage in combat with enemies as one possible way to open up the wild island and get access to loot and resources.


When in combat players can:

  • Attack:

    • Basic Attacks – dealing moderate single target damage to an enemy, where the damage and attack speed depend on the type of equipped weapon.

    • Weapon Abilities – each weapon has two unique abilities that vary from weapon to weapon but will generally deal significant damage and to multiple targets. The tradeoff is that they cost mana and can have cooldowns.

    • Throwables – these are thrown items like crafted grenades or jars. Players can throw these at the enemy, inflicting damage as well as controlling their movement by slowing or freezing them. Throwables also come with cooldowns.

    • Magic Shot – this ability is a side effect for player characters after they come to possess a mana crystal. Players can shoot a magical projectile that deals low ranged damage and can be used to make noise to distract enemies, hunt small animals and attack enemies from a distance.

  • Defend:

    • Roll – Players can perform a roll in any given direction, gaining immunity to enemy attacks for the roll’s duration; it also has limited charges as well as a cooldown.

    • Magical Bubble – Players have the ability to temporarily surround themselves with a magical shield that blocks incoming damage and repels the attackers. This ability comes with a cooldown.

    • Healing Consumables – Players can craft consumables like potions or food to restore their health and mana.


Players can enter stealth mode, making it harder for enemies to spot them as well as giving them the ability to temporarily disable certain enemies.

When in stealth, players can:

  • Stun the enemy for N seconds with a short ranged attack.

  • Lure the enemy away from its pack by creating a nearby sound using:

    • a stone

    • a throwable consumable

    • Magic Shot

  • Manipulate where the enemy is facing by distracting them with:

    • a stone

    • a throwable consumable

    • Magic Shot

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