๐ŸŒ„The World Today

The roaming magic firmly holds the pieces of land in the air. They soar high in the sky above the boundless ocean that sheltered the mutilated remains of the planetโ€™s core. But these magical currents make it impossible for Meowkles to travel between the islands by air.

On every island, there is a large Mana Stone crystal. It is these stones that the inhabitants of the world use to move between islands, teleporting from one stone to another. The method, though reliable, is rather complex: some stones can be used to teleport back and forth many times, while to other islands, they activate only one way, and it is impossible to "tap into" their Mana Stone for teleportation again.

This complicates the routing of trade and resource gathering, but does not make it impossible: settlements of Meowkles and Wargs gradually grow on islands with "stable" Mana Stones, from which their inhabitants make radial raids to other archipelagos.

After the Cat-a-strophe, creatures started showing up, never before seen on Murrlandia. The twisted energy of the Mana Stone created horrible monsters and breathed life into them: previously calm and picturesque corners of Murrlandia are now inhabited by golems, treants and other monsters, driven by rage and the desire to destroy anyone who dares to approach.

The other unexpected guests were the humans. These newcomers explore the new world with much curiosity. They are traveling between islands and could prove very useful to Meowkles. And the Meowkles are happy to provide them with all possible assistance โ€” of course, on a mutually beneficial basis.

The remaining Meowkle mages believe that the cataclysm somehow connected the human world and theirs, and its inhabitants began to appear in Murrlandia. But ordinary Meowkles recall the legends about the tall, tailless Master who created Murrlandia, and his assistants - the three Meowkle Founders. They hope and believe that one of the humans is the Master from the legends, who has returned to save his wards in times of trouble.

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