Once upon a time, Murrlandia was a beautiful world untouched by hunger or war: the fertile land and favorable climate consistently provided a rich harvest, and the peace-loving inhabitants - the Meowkles - never started feuds or conflicts.

The Meowkles lived in friendly villages, farmed together, and fearlessly explored the world. They actively used magic in their daily lives, powered by Mana Stones - blue crystals richly scattered throughout the world.

But as usual, such a world could not go unnoticed by others. One day, a group of previously unseen creatures appeared in Murrlandia. The newcomers, calling themselves Wargs, had been wandering through different worlds for years in search of a new home. Their world, harsh to all living things and poor in resources, was becoming less and less suitable for life. Murrlandia, with its simple-hearted inhabitants, looked like an easy prey, and the Wargs set out to find a strong enough source of magical energy to open a portal and bring their army.

And such a source was found: a huge Mana Stone, a source of inexhaustible energy. The portal was opened, and a huge army of invaders set out to Murrlandia, marching in step.

Around the Mana Stone powering the portal, the invaders built numerous fortifications, and the crystal itself was enclosed in a huge tower. In this same tower, the residence of the Warg Queen - a ruthless commander who personally arrived with the army - was established.

But the Meowkle mages were not sitting back idly: they set out for the heart of the enemy camp to destroy the Mana Stone and close the door between worlds. But at the moment when the energy flow, directed by the mages, touched the Mana Stone, something unexpected happened: the crystal, modified by foreign magic, amplified the energy immensely and forced it back into the world. The power, sweeping everything in its path, shattered the planet into thousands of islands.

The crystal was partially destroyed, the portal weakened but not completely closed. And the fragments of the molten Mana Stone were scattered to different corners of the universe. They retained their magical properties and remained connected to the native world: if a living creature touched such a stone, the stone would transport them to Murrlandia.

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