🔧Durability and repair of items

Equippable items such as weapons, armor, and tools have durability. Durability gradually depletes with the continuous use of items, like when using weapons and armor when fighting enemies and using tools to gather resources. Additionally, items lose some durability on player death.

There are two types of equippable items in the game:

  • Regular items: when their durability drops to 0, they break and get destroyed.

  • Collectible items: when their durability drops to 0, they become unusable, but can be repaired in order to be used again.

Collectible items can be repaired on the home island using the same workbenches that were used to craft and upgrade them, such as the:

  • Weapon Forge

  • Armor Forge

  • Tools Workbench

To repair an item, the workbench needs to be of the corresponding level. For example, to repair a sword of level 2 tier 3, the machine needs to be set to at least level 2 tier 3.

The repair of Collectible items is done using in-game currency.

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