💎Collectible Items

In Worldshards, there are several types of collectible items, each with varying properties, depending on the object's purpose.

Collectible Equippable Items

These items include weapons, armor, and tools. These items can be crafted and used in the game, possessing in-game characteristics that determine how effectively and easily you can gather various resources and engage in combat.

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These are special objects that are tied to the workbenches. They can be slotted into a workbench whereby they will allow the player to create, upgrade, and charge collectible equippable items.

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These are the digital "lands" in WorldShards. It is a liveable space where players can build, develop, manufacture and craft various items, including collectible equippable items.

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Collectible Decorative Items

These items are decorative in nature. They can be placed on the home island where they will add uniqueness to your home in WorldShards. They also serve an important gameplay function as they increase the comfort level of your island which is crucial for building, developing, manufacturing and crafting.

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