Glyph of Chance

In WorldShards, collectible items are a crucial element as they provide players with the opportunity to farm tokens. The primary parameter determining the effectiveness of farming tokens is “Luck.” The “Luck” parameter exists on a glyph of chance that the player can place into a collectible item.

What are Glyphs of Chance?

Glyphs of chance are entities that are placed into collectible items and provide them with the “Luck” parameter, allowing players to farm tokens.

Glyph slots are found only on collectible items. Glyphs of chance will be the primary component determining farming efficiency. Collectible equipment is therefore split into two separate entities: a collectible item and a glyph of chance.

Item Crafting and Glyphs of Chance

Currently, collectible items come with a glyph upon being crafted and these glyphs cannot be removed or replaced. This means that all crafted collectible items exist with a “Luck” parameter.

In the future, all mechanics related to increasing the “Luck” parameter, that is to say - upgrading as well as any other modifications, will be performed on the glyphs of chance that will then be inserted into collectible items. Players will then be able to remove glyphs from one item and insert them into another, providing greater flexibility and strategic opportunities.

Over time, the crafting system will change and players will create items without built-in glyphs of chance. These glyphs are NFTs with their own limited issuance, as such they can only be crafted if the limit has not been met or acquired through the OpenLoot marketplace.

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